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Recruitment Agency Costs in Portugal

In Portugal, professional recruitment agency fees range from 22-27% of the first-year annual base salary of a recruited employee. Recruitment agencies also require an upfront retainer and payment in advance installments of the agency fee based on milestones such as start of recruitment, presentation of candidates, and scheduling interviews with a candidate shortlist.

We know this might sound overwhelming—but it doesn’t have to be. A solution like Lundi eliminates the barriers for you. With Lundi, you can recruit talent across 70+ countries, easily managing recruitment—all in one, easy-to-use platform. Get an overview of what you need to know when hiring in Portugal below.

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Employer Tax Costs in Portugal

In Portugal, taxes for employers total 26.5% and include 23.75% in social security contributions, 1.75% labour accident insurance, and 1% for the wage guarantee fund.

Employee Income Taxes in Portugal

Employees in Portugal are taxed between 14.5% and 48% depending on their income bracket. Employees also make social security contributions of 11%.

Employee Probation in Portugal

In Portugal, the probation period is typically:90 days for most workers180 days for employees who hold positions of "high complexity, trust or responsibility"240 days in a management or directorate role

Employee Overtime in Portugal

Usual business hours in Portugal are from 9am to 6pm. The statutory maximum working week in Portugal is 40 hours and the statutory maximum working day is eight hours.For overtime on working days, employees are paid 25% for the first hour and 37.5% for every subsequent hour. In the case of holidays, overtime is paid at 50%.In Portugal, overtime should not exceed:Two extra daily working hours (with a maximum of 48 weekly hours)150 hours per year for employees at companies with at least 50 employees175 hours per year employees at companies with at less 50 employees

Employee Notice in Portugal

Termination in Portugal is complex and must be based on performance or redundancy reasons.

Termination due to redundancy will have the following notice periods:

  • 15 days if the length of service is less than one year
  • 30 days if the length of service is at least one year but less than five years
  • 60 days is the length of service is at least five years but less than 10 years
  • 75 days from at least 10 years of service

Termination notice by the employee is dependent upon the number of years of service and is as follows:

  • 30 days if the length of employment is less than two years
  • 60 days if the length of employment is at least two years

Termination in Portugal

Severance pay in Portugal is determined according to the seniority and experience of the employee. All employees who are terminated due to redundancy are entitled to severance pay.

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No matter the industry or the function, the talent you need could be already living in another country. That’s why we created our borderless talent strategy.