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What Can I Do In The Meantime?

Let’s be real—you want to be a successful recruiter, right?

The problem is, everyone has an opinion on what it takes to succeed in recruiting. It can be hard to know what steps to take and where to start.

Our mission at Lundi is to help you find the best opportunities.

And while we are not looking for candidates, we know that to be the best recruiter you must understand how to be on both sides of the desk. Here’s how you can be an effective recruiter.

As a recruiter, you have a lot of work to do. We shouldn’t be another nagging thing on your to-do list. You’ve got your ads, your applications, and probably more questions than you can keep straight. You’re a talent acquisition leader.

Becoming a recruiter on Lundi is easy. It starts with knowing what you want to focus on. We want you to consider which option fits best with your aspirations and goals.

As an international company with our own HR technology, we know it’s not always easy to find the right people.

Recruiting is an art, not a science, and there’s no “right” way to do it

But there are many ways of getting it wrong. To make sure you don’t make the same mistakes as your competition we prepared a list of 7 steps to take to become a successful recruiter.

Below are 7 steps that all recruiters should take if they want to be successful:

7. Gain access to as much data as possible.

The most successful recruiters use data to inform the way they source, engage and connect with candidates. They get access to information on over 1.5 million job placements and use this data to find candidates who will be a good fit for their roles.

6. Be responsive.

The attention span of the modern candidate is very low. With access to so many sources of career related information, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep candidates engaged. A successful recruiter always responds quickly to any form of communication received from a candidate – even if just to acknowledge receipt!

5. Create value for others.

Work is about helping other people. To create value in the world for others. And by doing so, we can create value for ourselves. 

4. Have clear recruiting goals.

Defining your recruiting goals at the beginning of your recruiting process will help you save time, recruit smarter, and have a better chance of hiring the right person for the job.

3. Understand how people influence each other.

People naturally want to be validated by their peers. They’re more likely to listen to someone with a level of authority they already trust and whose opinion matches their own. It’s human nature, and it is used often in marketing.

2. Find your niche.

No one likes to be recruited by a mass recruiter. You don’t either. Start with a clear target niche and learn as much as you can about the companies that operate within it. 

1. Talent is art.

A great recruiter spends far more time networking and learning about candidates than dealing with resumes. In other words, this is not a problem of effort. It is a problem of design.

Never forget that people are our collective focus.

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