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We Believe Trust And Transparency Is Essential For Our Partnership.

Transparency is a core value for us at Lundi.

This means that not only are we committed to a culture of radical truthfulness, but we also believe that transparency goes beyond the confines of our own organization, spilling over into the industry as a whole. We believe that trust is essential for both our clients and recruiters, as they have to fully rely on each other for success.

Businesses succeed when they have access to the best talent from around the world, and Lundi is there to help them find it.

We made it our mission to change the recruitment industry and revolutionize how employers find talent. By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can continue to improve and enhance the service we offer clients, providing an even better experience that will add value to their business. 

We believe in building a strong relationship with all of our clients and recruiters. 

We have huge respect for the work done by recruiters. Because we’re committed to being as transparent as possible, we wanted to share some facts about how we work:

  • We don’t charge recruiters to submit candidates on our platform. We only receive fees when recruiters get paid for a placement.
  • We don’t charge employers to post jobs on our platform.

We work with many companies that use what I would call traditional sourcing methods. They use agencies that employ recruiters who don’t have access to the best data. This process leads to:

  1. Bias in decisions. Employers have no idea if they’re getting the best recruiter (or candidate) for the job.
  2. Longer time-to-fill by 50% (double the time).
  3. A higher cost per hire. 

These are all things that we believe are unacceptable in today’s talent acquisition environment.

We’re trying to solve these problems for employers by making sure they only use the best recruiters in their industry and by making sure those recruiters have full visibility because we know that recruiters who have better information make better decisions that lead to faster time-to-fill at lower cost per hire.

We believe in building a strong relationship with our community.

Lundi was founded with a mission to change the way talent works. We believe that current talent acquisition marketplaces aren’t just inefficient, they’re fundamentally unfair, putting unreasonable financial pressure on recruiters and driving business and hiring practices that don’t align with the best interests of employers.

We believe in the value of openness, transparency, and communication. We want to work with partners who feel the same. We recognize that many of you are as concerned as we are about this issue, and we hear you.

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No matter the industry or the function, the talent you need could be already living in another country. That’s why we created our borderless talent strategy.