Getting Started

Lundi Is Worth The Wait

The world’s first borderless talent marketplace, Lundi has changed the way recruiters source and engage with talent in 12 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific.

On Lundi you actually don’t know when you’ll get a match.

This is not like LinkedIn, where you can upload your profile and wait for someone to contact you.

Our top recruiters can work on 20+ jobs at once.

Early on, any recruiter on Lundi is going to need to wait for matches. 

Recruiters who just joined Lundi may need to wait up to one month before a match appears in their account. This is true whether you are a freelance recruiter or an agency, part-time recruiters or full-time recruiters.

The downside is that you don't have any matches right away, but the upside is that you're building a relationship with our sophisticated and proprietary recommendation engine.

When you start out on Lundi you are essentially putting yourself in the shoes of an entrepreneur.

The Lundi community has to validate if you have a business or not.

You may need to wait up to one month before your first match, just like an entrepreneur needs to wait for customers before their first sale.

We are building one of the largest networks of recruiters in the world. As our network grows, so will our opportunities for you to find matches. We are still in beta, which means that we are testing new features and improving every day. For this reason, you may have to wait a while before we match your skills and experience with what an employer is looking for.

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No matter the industry or the function, the talent you need could be already living in another country. That’s why we created our borderless talent strategy.