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How Does The Matching System Work?

In this post we’ll discuss how we match recruiters with jobs using artificial intelligence to connect the right people with the right opportunities.

The match that we pass to our recruiters is built upon a series of algorithms and matching strategies.

We take into account dozens of signals to determine which recruiters are a good match for a particular job, including location, experience, skills, and reputation.

 By evaluating this data, we can deliver the best matches possible for recruiters. 

The matching process is simple: we look at your jobs, we look at the information you provide to us about your recruiters and then we try to match the candidates you need with the best recruiters available. But how does our matching system work exactly?

We use three factors to do this:

  1. Experience level of the recruiter
  2. The number of verified placements they’ve done
  3. The depth of their network

Every recruiter on our platform has a unique identity that we built using these three components. 

Let’s use freelance recruiters as an example; they have a unique name and a good reputation, they can also demonstrate that they have experience, for example by providing their client list and having references from those clients.

We combine all this information to create the recruiter's identity. The main ingredient in our matching system is our proprietary algorithm.

We built an algorithm that matches jobs with a recruiter based on detailed information about what each side is looking for. To make it really accurate, we use data on over 1.5 million placements globally to select the best recruiter for each job.

Our matching system is based on data science and machine learning to determine the best fit for your roles. We then leverage our global network of recruiters to reach the right candidates faster.

So how does it actually work?

Our matching system matches companies to the best recruiters on our platform. Every candidate, recruiter and client is under real time scrutiny and the system learns from each interaction.

Every time an employer posts a job an algorithm works with recruiters to get a better and more accurate match.

How does it know that a particular recruiter is a good fit for this particular candidate? Well, we compare the qualifications of the job to the skills of the recruiter, as well as the reputation of the recruiter. More specifically we look at how many candidates they've placed into jobs, what the average salary of their candidates is, how long it took them to fill the position and what their response time was. We then look at a ton of other factors like location and criteria matches.

In recruiting, the quality of the process is often indistinguishable from the quality of the outcome and we are proud to provide full transparency on both fronts, going far beyond what other platforms offer.

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